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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poem-A-Day #5 A Time before My Time

Today's theme...a time before my time.

All I did was turn him away
He seemed to be a nice gentleman
And yet here I stand
Before the Constable and the town

I did nothing
I spoke no words
He is in no trance
His pride is but bruised

But I must burn?

My ankles are bare
But because I grew an inch
During the summer
That makes me not a Pagan

I am just a child
Mother, stop your wailing
And cut these strings from my wrists
The flames, how they hurt

Papa, do something!

Dear Lord in Heaven
I beg you to strike these devils
The smoke, how it chokes me
They call my screams chants

If I could
They would all know my wrath
And yet I have none
I am but a girl who refused a man

Put your fingers down
And help me

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