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Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quail Man!

Today's letter is Q, and I thought of one of the most beloved and admired characters of my childhood: Doug.

For those who didn't grow up on 90s Nickelodeon, Doug was your average Joe who had a cool blue best friend who honked for some reason, had a crush on a very tan gal whose last name was Mayonnaise, and who also wrote his own comic called Quail Man.

Quail Man was a superhero who had on Doug's green sweater vest, but his belt was wrapped around his head to match that of a quail feather, and he wore his underwear over his khakis. He also had a cape. The only story I remember of Quail Man was the time he saved the world to the point that there was now an 8th day of the week where everyone could just party. I still wish for that often.

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