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Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Andi and Allen

Andi is my sister two years younger than me. Oddly enough, she acts like she's the older one. Or maybe I act like the younger one; I don't know. Anyways, We've been joined at the hip since I can remember walking and talking. She's the Brain to my Pinky, the Beavis to my Butthead, and more popularly, the Ashley to my Mary Kate. Most people do think we're twins, so when they find out we're two years apart AND that I'm the older one, they're pleasantly surprised.

Like me, Andi is a writer, and while I think she's been on hiatus for some time (college really does that to you), she's a great romance writer. I can always relate to her characters, and even when she's delved a little into the surreal with her work (or especially, I guess), I've loved every word she's written. I hope she gets back to it in full force soon!

Allen is my brother from my other mother, my mom's baby sister. Our family is close-knit, and throughout the years, we've all lived together in various time-frames and mixings. Allen is the oldest boy of the 15 grandchildren, and he's two years older than me. Growing up, we played Nintendo, then Sega together, watched wrestling and wrestled together (until the day I bit through my tongue, but I did win a 50-cent piece for breaking out of a full nelson later on in our craziness), and most importantly: he introduced me to Final Fantasy, which has managed to weave itself through my life since about 1999 and helped me create my current fantasy WIP, Save the Queen.

He's a great father and uncle, and he still has my Final Fantasy Crisis Core case, but I love him anyway. :)

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