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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for the Deborah's!!

It's still the 4th. It's still the 4th. It's still the 4th.

This is why I don't do things on an impulse. I decided to do this challenge the day it started, knowing this is the busiest month I've ever had!

But anyway, good evening! It's Day 4 of the A to Z Blog Challenge. D is interesting and has a back story.

As most know (I hope), my name is Deborah. It's a name so rooted into my personality that I couldn't even part with it for my pen name. I hate to be called Debbie by strangers, so when it happens, if I don't cringe and let it happen, a stern "DEBORAH" comes after no matter what you're saying to me. I blame this sort of on my mom, who wouldn't let anyone call me Debbie when I was kid.

Sooooo, why did she name me after her baby sister, my aunt Debbie? People say there is power in a name, and these ladies, like most sisters, call each other crazy (rightfully so, I might add) on a daily basis, and yet, she named me Deborah. Mind you, my aunt's name is deBORah, and mine is DEBorah, but..Power in a name, Mom, power in a name.

And while we're on the topic, my family has this thing about not letting a name DIE. I say this because my aunt Debbie is named after HER aunt Deborah, apparently another crazy lady because crazy runs in our family. I have yet to meet her, but I have a feeling when I do, there will be a dramatic reaction just based on the last time my mom and aunts reunited with her.

So, I feel like, just out of spite and a love for Gilmore Girls, I'm going to name one of my children deBORah, and call her Rory. Keep the name going, and see for how long it lasts...Yes. I just might do that.

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