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Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Everyone!

It will be midnight by the time I hit publish, so I should do this now while it's still on my mind.

Thank you for returning! It is Day 5 of the A to Z Blog Challenge, and I dedicate this one to one of my favorite Backstreet Boys (yes, BSB 4 LIFE) songs: "Everyone" from their Black & Blue album, not to be confused with "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" from their Backstreet's Back album.

Here is a link to the live Yahoo! webcast they did back when I was in high school.
(And a quick intro for those who I will assume don't know the Boys: First Bandanna: Brian. Blonde one: Nick. Second Bandanna: AJ. Short Brunette: Howie. Cornrow Brunette: Kevin.)

I send this link in particular and not a simple video with the song on the album, because it was this performance that made me draw a treatment for the song.

Just in case someone doesn't know and/or didn't grow up with MTV's Making the Video, a treatment is what the directors come up with for music videos. Once upon a time, I had a desire to make video treatments. I made one in script-form for Hanson's song "Yearbook" and mailed it to SOMEONE. I have no idea who received it! I thought up a few others, but the summer of Black & Blue, I decided to draw a comic-style treatment for "Everyone".

The theme: "Inside the circus" (AJ sings it in Verse 2). Brian was the ring leader; Nick rode an elephant (that's all he did); Howie was the magician; AJ was "The Chameleon", whom Howie changed from a panther in his first trick, and then AJ's clothes changed colors based on what he walked on; and Kevin ate fire. There were Batman Forever-style drummers and dancers flying around, and in the end, they all got together to do the dance in the chorus (the long-and-slow salute thing).

Ironically, I was on a cruise with the Backstreet Boys two years ago. Did I take my treatment to them so they could at least sign it? Sure didn't! It's still in a bin in my closet. -_- So needless to say, my video treatment career never took off.

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