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I love to play Final Fantasy games and Shattered Pixel Dungeon. I also enjoy the many ins and outs of music (I'm a chorus geek).

Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Music

Halfway to the end. I'm never doing this again. lol M!

Music is a big part of my life. I can't drive one block without turning on the radio, so here are some of my favorites.

My favorite radio station is WMGK Classic Rock, thanks to Supernatural producers making Classic Rock a big part of their soundtrack. The late 60s-70s really were the best times for music. So much diversity in the one genre.

My favorite pop group is about to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, and that is the Backstreet Boys! A big take that! To everyone who thought they wouldn't last past the "Boy Band" era (even though they were before then anyway). They've never broken up, and they've cranked out good music since 1993.

My "This is your life" album at the moment is Yuna's self-titled album. She's a very quirky signer from Malaysia, and there's not one song on the album I don't like. My favorites are "Lullabies" and "Deeper Conversation."

So what are you favorite things about music?

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