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Monday, April 29, 2013

Music and Y

One more day, Jesus.

Today's letter is Y, and as an avid music lover, I thought I would suggest some of my favorite albums and songs that begin with the letter Y!

Youth and Young Manhood - Kings of Leon
It's not their best album, but it introduced us (if it was the first album you heard; it was my next-to-last) to this raw, wild Southern rock band of brothers and a cousin. Caleb has such a unique voice. It's lazy, soulful, and jagged all at once. The album itself took me a couple times to listen to before I liked it, because he does a lot of noise-making, and I don't often like noise-making. Other songs, he's just talking. lol But I do like this album.

Yuna - Yuna
This album speaks my life right now. I heard Yuna on Conan one night, and I bought her EP soon after, then her album soon after that (ironically, it came out the day after I bought the EP). Yuna is this little Malay lady with a whimsical folk voice, but she puts it up against soulful pop music. I love when people do different, and she is very different. It's a wonderful album, one of my favorites.

"You Don't Know My Name" - Alicia Keys
The first song Alicia put out on her sophomore album. The album itself is great, and up until the long talking sequence at the end of the song, I love everything about this song. The classic R&B melody, the story of a crush, the clap-along moment in the bridge. Love it.

"Yes I Will" - Backstreet Boys
People don't realize the R&B influence in BSB's music unless they're fans, but this song is the quintessential R&B love song co-written by AJ. It's still on my list of potential wedding songs whenever I get married.

"Young Blood" - Birdy
I love Birdy's version of this song. It's so young and fun and full of dreams. Birdy has a wonderfully smooth voice, and being so young herself, it adds a truthful element to the song. If my life had a soundtrack, this song would be on it.

"Your Body is a Wonderland" - John Mayer
Before he started talking, John Mayer was so sexy to me. That rasp-wispy voice, the guitar playing, the lyrics. This song is one of those playful bed ballads (I made that term up). I also love the pseudo-steal of his own lyrics from "My Stupid Mouth" incorporated in the chorus (I'm never speaking up again).

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