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Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for X-Men

2 more to goooo!

I've mentioned this before, but X-Men is one of the catalysts that got me into writing. Not the comic books, but the cartoon that came out in 1993.

This was my first look at these mutants led by Charles Xavier, fighting against human prejudice and the mutant crime wave. I developed a love for the "other," as someone who was often the only black student in my classes, then being considered to "act white" by black peers when I finally had some.

So one of the ways I escaped was by trying to emulate and imitate the X-Men. I wrote stories for 7 years about mutants living in a similar arrangement to the X-Men but who were teenagers trying to cope with teenaged life. I'll just call them the Hearts, because my awful titles for these stories always ended with Hearts (Wild, Stone, Captive, no idea why).

Who knows. Maybe one day I'll return to my Hearts. I had some great storylines going. lol

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