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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zodiac

Final letter! Z!

This one I knew a few days ago, and I decided to write it and schedule it when I wrote Y.

I'm really into the Zodiacs, not for the horoscope aspect, but because people born in certain months, sometimes even certain years, and during certain universal alignments are likely to have the same traits, ticks, and likes as well. Having a Twitter, I follow one of the Cancer (Zodiac, not the illness) Tweets, and I love being able to retweet or favorite something because it says who I am so well. If you look up Cancers, you're in for a roller coaster, but enjoy the ride anyway! We appreciate appreciation. lol

So look up your sign and see how well it describes you and others. A good thing I've found in doing this is that just when I think I'm the only one who (insert anything here), I learn there are others around the WORLD who are like me. It's comforting.

And while I'm here, I want to thank everyone who stopped by, and especially those who followed this page! I'll probably keep it up for a few more days, then absorb it into my other April page. This has been one heck of a month, and because of that, it was a bad time to want to do something this involved, but I got through it! I'm happy.

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