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Monday, April 13, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Writing Colors - Kelly Green

Ohhh, Paddy, dear, and did you hear the news that's goin' 'round?
Happy A to Z Challenge Monday!

This year, I am providing different colors for descriptive purposes in writing using the website Color-ize to look at an alphabetical list of colors that we can use instead of using the same basic colors we know off the top of our heads. One color can come in so many shades, so why not take a look at them? :) We are currently in the Shades of Green series.

Today's color is: Kelly Green!

Kelly green is my favorite green, not because of Ireland, but it's not too bright and it's still vibrant, and looks good on me, hehe. I think when most people say "green" this is the color they think of, too. It's the typical grass color in kid's drawings, and most reptiles and amphibians get drawn as this color, even though I think they're a tad darker in reality.


  1. I'm usually not a big fan of wearing green unless it's really dark. For some reason I thought Kelly green was a bit bluer. Good to know!

  2. Well, to be shure, to be shure, I had no idea that "my" green was called Kelly Green... and now the only thing left to wonder... was it once Kelly O'Green :)