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Thursday, April 9, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Writing Colors - Hollywood Cerise

Welcome back to the A to Z Challenge!

This year, I am providing different colors for descriptive purposes in writing using the website Color-ize to look at an alphabetical list of colors that we can use instead of using the same basic colors we know off the top of our heads. One color can come in so many shades, so why not take a look at them? :)

Today's color is: Hollywood Cerise

You mean hot pink? lol Hollywood Cerise is perfectly pretentious, isn't it? It also kind of looks like fuchsia, but it's a tad darker. I don't know who would say Hollywood Cerise anywhere unless in dialogue where the other person says, "Hollywood what?" And then a description follows, which is followed by mockery, etc., etc.

What do you think of the name?


  1. A name color with Hollywood in it? That's different. :)

  2. Haha, yeah that would be a hard color name to pull off within a story. It's a pretty color, though.

  3. I'm just laughing because why does it have to be Hollywood Cerise? Why not Philly Pink, for example :)

  4. It does look like fuschia to me.
    Hollywood Cerise is not a name I'd remember easily!