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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Candyce and Carrie!

 I don't remember adding this yesterday...If not, I'll just throw it in there.

So even though I put her second, I'll start with my mom, Carrie, also known as Louise when she annoys me. She is a very sweet lady who is easily excited (and stressed) by just about everything. Why we don't have a reality show is beyond me, because this lady alone can entertain with her mood swings, high pitched upset voice, and her ADHD-like symptoms. I got the grammar gene from her; she was an English tutor in college. And the Spanish gene, I suppose; that's what she majored in (because she was too scared to major in Voice)! She is a Med-Surg Bachelors of Science Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator. There's almost nothing you can't ask her that she won't know the answer to. I just call her an MSNBC, but I think it's really MSRN, BSN, CDE...that looks right. And like Cliff Huxtable, no matter how many times we've left, she's let us return home. Not particularly against her will, because she thinks we're cool kids, lol, but she's also very selfless and never hesitates to give. That's my mommy. =D

Then, there is my cousin Candyce (CanDEEchay when we want to get fancy...and silly), who is the coolest chic there is. Of the three of us (being Andi, her, and me), Candyce might actually be the quiet and shy one, but  once you get to know her, she is crazy. We always laugh. She has a gorgeous voice and loves hair. hehe She's also a great mom, and her son is going to be a prodigy when he gets older. It's almost scary. Anyway, we've grown up together, lived together on occasion, and we're about to live together again! It's going to be a wild house. haha

I don't know what I'd do without these two crazy, classy, and cool ladies!

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