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Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together...

Today's letter is F!

I really do have great friends, and on a busy week like this, it means a lot to do stuff with them. I acquired most of the ones I have now through the young adult choir at my church, but then there are ones I grew up with, my sister and cousin from the A and C entries. We go through a lot as young Christians, and there isn't anything better than having other young Christians there for encouragement, prayer, good times, bad times, fun and silliness. As a choir, we've been together for I think 4 years now, and I know nothing's going to separate us, especially when we have the love of God.

I also got to go up to Elkins Park (Philly) to celebrate my childhood best friend's mother's 60th birthday! I hadn't seen them since my friend's Bat Mitvah, so it was so great to see her again, and her little sister who was a very weird little kid but has blossomed into a young woman! My older sister used to babysit them, and she attributes part of her growing up to their mom. I feel like we were at their house every day. lol Though it's clear none of us have changed much (we're still awkward homebodies, even though she's living in Philly, and I still long to go back), we're going to try to meet up more often. 15 years is just way too long. I also got to meet her best friend from after we all moved away, and she is so great and funny! We all gelled very nicely.

I'm not one to keep many real friends around, so when I get some, I try to treasure them forever. I hope you all do, too!

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