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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Edgar from Final Fantasy VI

We are midweek and on the 5th letter of the alphabet! (Which is confusing because we are on the 6th day of April, but I digress.) For the challenge this year, I'm geeking out on characters from my favorite Final Fantasy games.

Today, I'm going to talk about the King of Figaro, Edgar Roni Figaro!

The art!! I want to stop here to say that FFVI is an underrated game, but among fans, it's such a great game with a great story. And the characters are great. Also, look at the designs:

A picture of Figaro Castle. It sinks into the sand and moves to other deserts!
A genius technological advance in this Final Fantasy world. But back to Edgar. He is the older of a set of twins. In the game, he is reunited with his brother Sabin, who left because, according to the Wiki, he was grieved that the people cared more about who would be king than the death of his father. Despite this, Edgar is a ladies' man, and the maids in his castle are always fawning over him. It's funny, and in pixel art, it's adorable. Edgar is also a machinist and creates weapons that you can use in battle for his "Tools" attack. Edgar joined the resistance called the Returners against the Gestahlian Empire, who killed his father, and together, along with his awesome moving castle, he and the other main characters defeat them and the main villain, the psychopath Kefka. 

I had to read to understand the coin. I don't think I ever looked it up. When Sabin wanted to leave, Edgar said they would flip a coin, and if Sabin won, he could leave. It was a two-headed coin. How sweet. Edgar is a sweetheart despite his Lothario-ness.

Honorable Mention for E:

We first see Edea Kramer as the evil sorceress in Final Fantasy VIII. What we don't learn until Disc 3 is that she was possessed by the future sorceress Ultimecia (coming up way later). Edea, as badass as she was evil, was the matron of an orphanage all but one of the main cast lived in when they were kids, and she and her husband created the SEED Army to fight sorceresses. So once de-possessed, she's a total good guy. And COSPLAY GOLD here. Look at that outfit.

Tomorrow, we return to Final Fantasy X to learn about the Fayth.


  1. Final Fantasy III/VI was the best. There was so many paths in that game you could take--especially after the world "blew up."