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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Vivi from Final Fantasy IX

Getting closer to the end...*sniffle*

I have been geeking out Final Fantasy characters all month long, hopefully to someone's enjoyment. We are at V today, so I'm stopping back by Final Fantasy IX, the last FF game on the original Playstation, to talk about:

Vivi Ornitier

We have zero idea what Vivi is when we meet him, but he's very child-like and all-around adorable. A little later down the game road, we learn he was created, probably in a factory, and he's one of many black mages. He's actually a prototype who fell off of a cargo ship. He was found by a cook who actually planned to eat him once he fattened Vivi up, but Vivi stayed small (haha). He told Vivi all about the outside world, and when he dies, Vivi goes exploring.

Here is a group of full-sized black mages protecting Vivi from another group of scarier black mages called Waltzes.

No, Princess, do not stay there while he kills the others!

When Vivi learns what he is, he spirals into an existential crisis for much of the game, but he grows out of it and becomes a confident, capable fighter. Yay!

Honorable Mention for V:

FFVII's Vincent Valentine was an optional character. And he was so awesome he got his own spin-off, third-person shooter style. Shooter games give me angina, but I could play Dirge of Cerberus because I knew the world of FFVII and was comfortable with it. An interesting backstory and brooding persona to match, for me, picking up Vincent is never an option--it's a necessity!

Tomorrow, we visit Wakka back in Final Fantasy X.


  1. Visiting from A to Z. I'm sorry I missed all the earlier posts where you talked about Final Fantasy. I've played so many of the games, but my favorite game is Final Fantasy X, so I'll be back tomorrow to read what you say about Wakka. I still have a copy that I revisit now and again. I don't think that makes either of us geeks =)


    1. lol Thanks so much! I'm glad you found me here. :)