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Thursday, April 28, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Xu from Final Fantasy VIII

April is almost over! Can you believe it? That means the A to Z Challenge is coming to a close! What a month it has been sharing Final Fantasy characters and stories with you all!

X is inevitably hard for everyone, and you would THINK that with all of the games Final Fantasy has, they would have more than one character whose name starts with the letter, but I only found the one, and she's a non-playable side character. So, this is the shortest post!

Xu is a squad leader and instructor in Balamb Garden for SEED. She is a staple throughout the game, helping Squall and team, especially once we realize our school can float around! She is great at shutting up our characters when they bicker, too.

Tomorrow, I finally get to tell you about Yuna from FFX!

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  1. Not much of a gamer but I'm enjoying hoping around the blogs on the AtoZ
    from No190