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Monday, April 25, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII

We are at the last week of the A to Z Challenge! Can you believe it?? I can't.

I have been talking about Final Fantasy for 20 days now. I'm not tired yet. lol And today, I'm talking about something important to me that I can never tire of defending:

The Ultimecia is Rinoa Theory!

First off, as we are on U today, here is Final Fantasy VIII's Ultimecia, an evil sorceress from the future.

As seen in Final Fantasy Dissidia

A cosplayer's dream. Anyway, Ultimecia is killed by SEED in her time, and in order to stop that from happening, she creates a machine based on the powers of a little girl (well, I guess she would be a woman by Ultimecia's time) named Elle, who has the power to see the past through people she knows. She tries to kill the SEED in the past, aka the present time where the MC (Squall from a few days ago) resides, by possessing the sorceresses there. In typical "If I can't live, no one can" style, Ultimecia compresses time so that only she can live in the world.

Ultimately, Squall and his fellow SEED defeat her, and all is well. However, there is that theory I mentioned.

This illustration sums it all up in a nutshell, but let me clear some other things up. As I mentioned in the R's, Ultimecia possessed Rinoa in the game. This automatically made Rinoa a new sorceress. The theory is, simply put, that Rinoa IS Ultimecia, gone crazy somehow and trying to kill everyone, SEED being at the top of her list.

Visually, their faces are shaped the same. The black hair to white hair is a great juxtaposition, not so much to represent aging (something a naysayer pointed out: the sorceresses don't age), but most likely from stress or psychosis. Rinoa wears a long sleeveless blue trench with white angel wings on the back, and one of her limit breaks is Angel Wings, so she sprouts them for a second before using magic at random. Ultimecia has a long red trench and has black angel wings. More juxtaposition: Rinoa has a pet dog who helps her fight, and Ultimecia summons a lion-type beast. This beast is also first seen on SQUALL'S RING and is named the same! How would Ultimecia have gotten that?! Because Rinoa had his ring and was going to duplicate it for herself!

So, why would she be trying to kill SEED? Well, as you see above, Rinoa says in the game that she is okay with Squall killing her, no one else. Squall also has an internal monologue (one of many) towards Rinoa where he says that even if she goes full-on sorceress, he will be her champion and fight whoever comes against her.

SO, what seems to have happened in the future is there is a witch hunt, and other SEED kill Squall when he tries to protect Rinoa. She goes mad, becomes Ultimecia, and goes back in time to try to destroy SEED altogether. It makes sense to me and many others!

Alright, nerdgasm over. Tomorrow, I will talk about Vivi from FFIX.

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