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Monday, April 11, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Ifrit and Ixion from Final Fantasy X

Welcome back!

This year, we are looking at characters from my favorite Final Fantasy games, from the people in the games to the things they summon. Today, we are looking at some of things they summon, because today is brought to us by the letter I.

Final Fantasy X gave us a whole new meaning to what the summoners could call on and how. Two of the coolest aeons in this game were Ifrit and Ixion.

Ifrit's just a cool dude, even though his power is fire. He's had many incarnations throughout the Final Fantasy franchise, first appearing in Final Fantasy III. Not gonna lie, he was pretty ugly, always made up to look like some evil sprite thing until Crisis Core gave him more definition and depth. Final Fantasy X is my favorite look for him, more of a hell hound than a demon.

The aeon designs in FFX  are just beautiful, which brings me to Ixion.

Wouldn't want to get impaled by that horn, no sir! The lightning summon got changed around a lot in the franchise. It was often Ramuh (coming later), and in VIII it was Quetzacotl. I found the unicorn to be an interesting choice, but I also loved using it.

Tomorrow, you finally get to hear all about that Jenova thing I keep mentioning.

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