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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Jenova from Final Fantasy VII

This year for the A to Z Challenge, I have decided to highlight some characters from my favorite video game franchise Final Fantasy. I apologize to those of you who were reading my nerdiness.

Today's letter is J, and even if I could think of any other J character, I would still be highlighting the harbinger of the skies, the infamous Jenova from Final Fantasy VII.

There were a lot of cool things in the original video game, but when Sephiroth said, "I'm going to see Mother," and the music dropped, MAN. The image above is the Jenova Doll covering Jenova's tank inside of the Shinra reactor in Cloud's hometown. When Sephiroth reaches this, he pulls it away to reveal Jenova...

Definitely not human, let alone an Ancient. Jenova is actually an alien who feeds off of planets and then rides their dead shells onto another planet to do the same thing. She can mutate to look like creatures or the people of the planet, and her cells can also mutate them into beasts and superhumans like Sephiroth.

This is presumed to be Jenova's true form, which makes sense. I can see the way she would attach to a dead planet to sail it across the universe. Reading about her just makes you realize how messed up the whole situation really was! It still freaks me out.

Honorable Mention for J:

I believe when Tidus gets the news that his father Jecht is the monster Sin in FFX, you start to realize this game isn't going to have a happy ending. The man was already a bad father, but he sacrificed himself to become his summoner's final aeon, and then told his fellow guardian to take care of his son, the son who would help bring down Sin for good. So he had some redeeming qualities.

Tomorrow, we will be looking at the last Final Fantasy villain on the original Playstation: Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.


  1. Jenova sounds creepy... and so powerful!

  2. Very cool. Am loving your theme. While I don't really 'get' Fantasy (for some reason it's beyond my comprehension) I do like that you have shown us pictures and put some real thought into your post.

    #AtoZChallenge J is for Jewel

  3. I think I learned a lot more about Jenova here then I understood while playing the game. XD

    FVII is my all time favourite. Loving your posts!

    1. I had to look it all up, lol. All of the information is what freaked me out.