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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Kuja from Final Fantasy IX

Welcome back!

For this A to Z Challenge, I am geeking out on my favorite Final Fantasy games and characters. Today is the letter K, and I am highlighting the very unique, very individualistic Kuja from FFIX.

(As seen in FF Dissidia)

I love a redeemable villain, no matter how psychotic. Kuja was probably the most flamboyant of villains, but if you saw all the people on his planet, you'd want to be different, too.

Kuja was created on Terra, a planet of soul-less, immortal dolls called Genomes. Terra's original civilization had tried to fuse with the planet Gaia to save the Terrans (not sure from what; I guess because Terra was an older planet). The Terran Garland created the Genomes to inherit the Terran souls during the fusion, but when the fusion failed, Garland created Kuja and sent him to Gaia to incite war so that when the Gaians died, their bodies would be replaced with the Terran souls (though honestly, I don't think that would've worked...but you know. Villain logic.)

Unfortunately, Garland created Kuja as an adult with no type of conscience or ability to emote, and because of that, he couldn't control Kuja, so Garland made him mortal (I guess magically because he was already created). He tried again with the game's main character Zidane (I'll give him an honorable mention in Z). When Kuja learns this, he says, "If I die, we all die!" and destroys Terra.

Yep, he blew up a planet. In a matter of minutes. This and more earned him the title of the Most Underrated Final Fantasy Villain of All Time by Final Fantasy IX Blog.

In the end, Kuja is defeated but helps get the main character and his friends out of harm's way. He even apologized for trying to destroy everything. He was just scared of death. Aww, poor guy.

Honorable Mention for K:

Final Fantasy VI's Kefka Palazzo is the 2nd most talked about villain in the Final Fantasy community (the first has been mentioned at least 5 times so far, but he's coming in S). He was purely evil, killing just because he could with no rhyme or reason. His infamous laugh is the bane of players' existences.

Tomorrow, we handle interactive time travel with Laguna Loire of Final Fantasy VIII.

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