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Friday, April 15, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Moogles

We are at the midpoint of the A to Z Challenge! I hope you're enjoying yourselves and getting plenty of comments on your posts!

Today we are on the letter M, and I have reserved it for an interesting creature constantly featured in Final Fantasy games:

The Moogle!
(As seen in FFIX)
The moogle first appeared in Final Fantasy III (though there was a prototype for FFII) and have been used for a number of things throughout the franchise. The first playable moogle, Mog, appeared in FFVI. He would also pop up on screen and ask if you wanted to save or see something that was happening elsewhere (if I recall). If you owned a Pocketstation, you could acquire the GF Mog for FFVIII through Chocobo World. In FFIX, you could help them send letters back and forth to each other, and you called them when you needed to save your game in the outside world. Stiltzkin (the one with the bag on his back) was a roaming moogle, and you could buy rare items from him as well as read more about what was happening in the game around you from the letters he sent out.

Mog from FFVIII
My favorite design of the moogles was in my least favorite game, FFXII.

They were regular citizens in this game, and look at how cute their clothes are! Moogles often have fluffy white bodies. They usually looked like cats, but the bunny-design is just as cute (a couple look like chinchillas). They also often had wings and could float about. Something fun for the often dark storylines.

Speaking of furry creatures, tomorrow, we are looking at Final Fantasy VII's Nanaki.