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Monday, April 18, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Omega Weapon

Welcome back to the A to Z Challenge!

I'm highlighting some characters from my favorite Final Fantasy games, and today we are at O.

And O is for Omega Weapon.

As seen in FFVI
Omega Weapon is a recurring monster faced in many of the games. I honestly don't remember him in FFVI, but I'm replaying it at the moment, so I'll be on the lookout. It's often an optional boss because it's the hardest boss, sometimes even harder than the final boss.

This FFVIII version was definitely harder than the final boss.
There is an Ultima Weapon, which is a lesser version as well, and that one is difficult. If you beat the Omega Weapon in FFVIII, you get a certificate on your game that says you did.

In FFX, Omega was a monk who disagreed with Yevon's teachings on Sin (hm...I wonder why), and he was executed for it. Undead, if not sent on by summoners, become monsters, hence, a very angry Omega Weapon.

(Made this last because of its beauty.) In FFVII, weapons were created by the planet when Jenova dropped down the first time. They are there to protect it from danger, and this Omega Weapon appears in FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, the only first person shooter I've ever completed (FPSs scare me). Its purpose is actually different than the other weapons: it gathers the Lifestream from the planet to take it to another planet if the planet is unable to be saved. DoC is just beautiful to look at anyway, but this Omega Weapon is SO awesome.

Honorable Mention:
O'aka the XXIII at your service!

(The fashion in FFX is questionable at best, but...you know.) O'aka XXIII is a travelling merchant Tidus meets on a boat towards Kilika. If you give him 10,001 gil when you meet him, you get a 30% discount on his wares for the rest of the game. Kind of worth it if you have it to give.

Tomorrow, we actually stop by FFX-2 to meet Paine.


  1. Wow, that's awesome. Didn't know about the last one. :)

    1. I played the game but don't remember it. lol