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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Paine from Final Fantasy X-2

This A to Z Challenge, I'm geeking out on Final Fantasy characters and forcing y'all to read about them. (I'm getting tired of openings; can you tell?)

This day is for P, and P is for Paine!

This young lady showed up in FFX-2, a game I have mixed feelings about, but I appreciated its attempt. FFX was the first game in the franchise to get a sequel, but it was a pretty blah sequel. Paine, however, isn't a blah character.

She's the voice of sarcasm in the YRP troupe, but we start the game not knowing too much about her. During a side quest upon which I didn't embark, you learn she worked for the Crimson Guard, a group of elite soldiers for Yevon, who were sent into the Den of Woe to investigate a rumor about a ghost machina. The pyreflies (spirits of fiends, people, etc.) were affected by the main villain whose spirit was trapped there, and everyone in the Crimson Guard died but Paine's group. They got separated, and that was how she met up with Summoner Yuna.

Paine is a badass. Her gear is cosplay fame, and I do love her sarcastic moments, especially when Yuna and Rikku (more on her in a couple of letters) are hype over something.

Also, dress sphere slayage.

Maaaan, if my abs were ripped...

Tomorrow, I actually have something for Q: FFVIII's Quezacotl.

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