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Saturday, April 9, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Prof. Hojo from Final Fantasy VII

We are officially into the second week of the A to Z Challenge!
What all have you seen so far? I know I'm enjoying what I've read.

I am forcing some of you to listen to/read about characters from my favorite Final Fantasy games. We are at H today, and so that means it is time to look at the man behind all the crap that goes down in Final Fantasy VII:

Professor Hojo.

Hojo is a scientist brought in by Professor Gast Faremis to work on the Jenova Project, the goal of which was to create a new Ancient to lead Shinra Inc. to the Promised Land and gain more mako to manufacture for power. While researching the "Ancient," and interviewing the last living Ancient, Ifalna, he learns that Jenova is not really an Ancient, but an alien. Unfortunately, this was after Hojo had injected his unborn child with Jenova cells, and Sephiroth was created (more on him later, but if you've followed me so far, you've seen me mention him already). Hojo is also responsible for killing Professor Gast and taking Ifalna and their daughter Aeris to do more experiments.

This man has NO redeeming qualities. He only sees people as lab rats and cares about his research. He's the reason Sephiroth became the monster he was, and the reason Cloud was so screwed up. But all for science, right?

Monday, we will visit two of my favorite summons, Ifrit & Ixion!


  1. What a fun theme! My brothers all LOVED the FF series of games, so I spent a lot of time watching them play them when we were younger. The storylines were so interesting that even without playing myself, it was a good way to spend time :)
    Thanks for stopping by this week!

    AJ Lauer
    A-Z Co-host

    1. That's how I got into them, watching my cousin play! :D