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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A to Z Challenge: The R's of Final Fantasy

We are at R for the A to Z Challenge, for which I am geeking out on my favorite video game franchise, Final Fantasy. I honestly could not decide which character to choose for R, so I thought I would just talk about all of the ones I loved.

Rude and Reno are two henchmen for SHINRA, Inc., in FFVII. We see them often, and they're kind of dunderheads, always getting one-upped. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, they're definitely comic relief. Rude is basically the cool, quiet muscle, and Reno is the one with all the mouth lol.

FFVIII gave us Rinoa, the leader of a rebel faction trying to overthrow the sorceress controlling her father's city. Her carefree, thoughtless actions immediately clash with the SEED squad leader Squall (coming tomorrow). She is later possessed by the future sorceress Ultimecia, becoming one herself, and there is a widespread theory that she actually is Ultimecia (I'm pretty sure she is and can back it up with evidence. More on that later down the alphabet).

Rikku is an Al-Bhed we first meet when main character Tidus (coming soon) gets sucked through Sin in FFX. The Al-Bhed are looked down upon for using machina, which is forbidden in most of Spira. Rikku is an alchemist, and in battle, she can mix things to create awesome attacks or healing potions. She's also Yuna's cousin, and she tries to kidnap her so that she doesn't go off to kill herself for the sake of Yevon. She's kind of annoying, but lovable at the same time. She's also the R in YRP (see Paine).

Last but not least, we have the summon Ramuh. Go ahead and press play on all that awesomeness. Ramuh is the most used summoner for lightning attacks throughout the franchise. The above is what summoning him looks like in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. His staff is the head of the summon Ixion which I highlighted a couple weeks ago. I love it. Ramuh is a staple for Final Fantasy games. Period.

Tomorrow, I had the same issue as today, so we're looking at my favorite S's from Final Fantasy.

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