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Saturday, April 2, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Bahamut

Welcome back!

For the A-to-Z Challenge this year, I am highlighting characters from my favorite gaming franchise, Final Fantasy. For B, I bring you one of my favorite summons: Bahamut.

(As seen in Final Fantasy VIII)

Summons in Final Fantasy are creatures you can call on to help you fight when the going gets tough. Bahamut is first seen in Final Fantasy III and is used in every other game after. He's most frequently depicted as a large, black dragon whose attack is called Mega Flare, a concentrated laser beam that causes a huge explosion.

He looks the coolest in Final Fantasy X
(Look at those wings!):

And the scariest in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
(Look at how huge he is!):

The Final Fantasy devs are very good at adapting their summons, and of them all, I think they've done one of the best jobs with Bahamut. You'll also see another mention of Bahamut a little later in the challenge, as he plays a big part in Final Fantasy X, so stick around!

Honorable Mention for B:

Barrett from Final Fantasy VII. A foul-mouthed, hot-tempered eco-terrorist taking care of his best friend's daughter? Talk about complex!

2nd Honorable Mention:

Balthier. Final Fantasy XII should have been about him. Point blank. He's one of the only good things about that game. Sexy pirate with smooth accent and a love for bunnies (I'll explain later lol).

Monday, I will be talking about good ol' Cloud from FFVII.

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