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Thursday, April 7, 2016

A to Z Challenge: the Fayth from Final Fantasy X

Press play, and enjoy (especially about 7 minutes in).

We are on the 6th day of the A to Z Challenge, and I have chosen to ramble on about my favorite characters in my favorite gaming franchise, Final Fantasy.

If you pressed play, you are currently listening to the Hymn of the Fayth. Because today's letter is F.

The Fayth are the true backbone of the land of Spira in Final Fantasy X. Not only are they powering the aeons that we summon, but they are the ones holding up the Dream Zanarkand. Speaking of which (and I'm certainly not making you watch all 8 minutes of this, just up to the reveal of the magic tower), here's what that looks like:

If you actually did watch all of that (you're awesome, because even I didn't), the little boy guiding Tidus is Bahamut's Fayth, the aeon from the letter B! This game has one of the sadder backstories of the Final Fantasy games, as the Fayth are all basically dead and have been using their own life forces for a thousand years to help the summoners of Spira and for the dream Zanarkand (their home) to keep going.

I've played this game three times, and the hymn makes me want to play it again.

Honorable Mention for F:

Fran from Final Fantasy XII is someone I plan to cosplay when I have--ahem--abs. A viera warrior and love interest of Balthier, she is the one of the only good things about that game. Her last words in the game are hilarious.

Tomorrow, we return to summons while I talk to you about Gilgamesh.

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