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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Quezacotl from Final Fantasy VIII

Happy Hump Day!

The A to Z Challenge is heading down the hill, and it's been fun. We still have some letters to go, however, and my letters are dedicated to the people and creatures of Final Fantasy. Today's letter Q brings me to none other than Final Fantasy VIII for the Guardian Force Quezacotl.

After seeing the old man Ramuh for 5 games straight, this beautiful bird was a shock (no pun intended), but look at the design. I usually paired Quezacotl up with Zell because of his electric (still, no pun intended) personality. Quezacotl also taught its user the Mug ability, which was easier to use with Zell because he fought with his hands.

I don't really have much to say about Quezacotl. lol

Honorable Mention for Q:

Final Fantasy VIII gave us Quistis, an 18-year-old instructor who was apparently bad at it, because she gets fired. She tries to protect our MC Squall and get him to emote and talk to his friends more, but nothing doing. She joins us on the quest to defeat the sorceress, and if you play, you must acquire her limit break The End. Instant death to your enemies (Unless it's the final boss, but even then, it makes the battle breeze on by)!

Tomorrow, R is for a plethora of characters because there are so many.

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